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T7arek is an online platform which aims to empower youth to make a change in Tunisia, through four action courses: Citizenship, Entrepreneurship, Invention and Volunteering. Get started today, by clicking one of the sections!

"Be the change you want to see in the World."

- Mahatma Ghandi


You are ambitious, passionate, and aware of the problems that people encounter in your city, your region, your country? T7arek! Become active in your community!


You are an ambitious young Tunisian? You are determined, and want to improve your own life and help your community? T7arek! Start a company!


Improve the lives of those around you and increase your chances of getting into prestigious international universities. Your work can result in contracts with multinational companies or even start-up ideas. T7arek! Start making now!


You are ambitious, passionate, and aware of the problems that people encounter in your community, your region, your country? T7arek! Join a non-profit!


Everything you need to get started and then some.

edX offers free online courses from some of the world's top universities:Harvard, Tsinghua and even MIT ! T7arek: Start learning today!

OpportunityDesk is an online platform that shares information on opportunities for youth around the world. From grants to scholarships, international conferences to contests and job offers, T7arek and find all of this and more on OpportunityDesk.org

The "No excuse list" is a great website that lists platforms and resources to learn anything you want, and for free! You have no excuses left, T7arek now!

Jamaity.org is a website that regroups everything you need to know about non-profits in Tunisia: from the jobs they offer to financing opportunities and lists of associations sorted by field, find everything you need on Jamaity.org.

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