"As soon as any man says of the affairs of the State 'what does it matter to me?' the State may be given up for lost."

- Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Why ?

Politics and citizen journalism are powerful tools for change. Through grassroots movements and militancy, one can make an incredibly positive impact on his community. Moreover, it is a good way to get people to know you and your ideas. Through politics you’ll meet really ambitious people, get the chance to be part of a variety of projects and live extraordinary experiences.

How do I get started ?

Find a subject that you’re passionate about, and start writing articles and sharing them on social media. You could also go to the locals of the political parties of your country to get involved with them. And if you can’t relate to any existing party, you could start your own movement, launch a petition and/or raise awareness about the issues you’re trying to solve.

Where to look ?

Apart from the locals of the political parties, you can check on your local town hall. If it is citizen journalism that interests you, you can start writing articles and/or making videos and posting them on social media or blogging platforms, such as Medium.

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