"I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary."

- Elon Musk

Why ?

Starting a company is an adventure, an experience that will completely change you, and will allow you to integrate a community of extraordinary people. Today’s young entrepreneurs are tomorrow’s millionaires, and they have all understood that Tunisia offers a great number of opportunities. What’s more, entrepreneurship is currently supported and encouraged by many national and international structures that have help and funds to distribute to all types of projects. Finally, it is a way to make a change in your community by creating wealth and jobs.

How do I get started ?

You don’t need to have a diploma or to be an expert to start a company. Determination and motivation are extremely important for its success, but in the beginning all projects are based on an idea. Depending on it, the company can take several different forms: a Start-up (if the project is based on an innovative concept/technology), a more traditional buy/sell business or even a social business. In all cases, there are steps to follow to ensure the success of the project: firstly, a great deal of planning is required. After that, it is a good idea to take some time to improve the skills you’ll need to run your business: pitching, marketing, accounting and some legal knowledge depending on the field of activity. Once you’re done preparing, you should legally found the company, and get to work. Even though the project’s success largely depends on your engagement and the amount of time you dedicate to it, failures are very common, and you must be ready to learn from your mistakes and start over, with your newly-acquired experience and expertise.

Where to look ?

Many organisations and individuals are available to help beginning and aspiring entrepreneurs. Apart from the entrepreneurs you know who might accept to mentor you, you can turn to one of the many organizations and competitions that offer trainings, mentoring and sometimes even financial support: Réseau Entreprendre, CONECT, Fondation BIAT, AIESEC, JCI, Microcred, Wajjahni, BFPME.

Useful Links

Startup Act - Social Business - Plan your project - Pitching - Marketing - Founding the Company - Soft Skills

Helpful organizations

Réseau Entreprendre - CONECT - Fondation BIAT - AIESEC - JCI - Microcred - Wajjahni - BFPME